Ben Nevis – The Big One

Having already completed two of the highest Mountains in England and Wales in 2010 it was decided we should round off the year with a trip to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis. So one Friday late in September we set off to Scotland, after travelling on average seven hours we drove down through beautiful Glen Coe to Fort William where either camping or stopping in local hotels we awaited our Saturday walk up Ben Nevis.

Saturday Morning arrives and the weather is good and set to get better. Everyone has a touch of the jitters whether they say so or not but it’s good to get started. The one thing that is instantly apparent is that Ben Nevis is a big and beautiful mountain which affords some terrific views of the surrounding scenery, and a long, long winding ascent which certainly tests your resolve.

After what seems like at least ten false summits we finally reach the top, and what views ! It’s minus two at the top and the air is clear and still and the sun is shining brightly which affords a brilliant 360 degree view of more mountains than any of us have ever seen before in one go. Some of us are elated and some are close to tears with the achievement of reaching the summit of Britain’s highest mountain.

After a bite to eat, numerous photographs on the summit cairn and a dram or two to celebrate it is reluctantly time to descend and this proves just as testing as the climb up, with legs trembling from the relentless descent. After seven hours or so we all reach Glen Nevis again and some retire to the pub for a well deserved drink or two.

After some well deserved celebrations (more frothy ones) and a sound nights sleep Sunday arrives and it’s time to leave Fort William and The Ben as we now can affectionately call it after a great weekend enjoyed by all.

Now this only leaves us with one thought, What on Earth !!! are we going to do next year ?